Stabilization, Innovation & Breakthrough

– Cultivating Resilience through the Embodied Arts

The Summit will focus upon the development of the field globally, the role that DT/MT and other arts-based embodied practices can play in the amelioration of trauma, and in the restoration of resilience in a world in the wake of the Covid epidemic, climate changes and increasing numbers of refugees displaced by famine, warfare, and ecological disasters. More

Authentic Movement Summit will offer presentations from leaders in the field of AM. Both from a psychotherapeutic and spiritual perspective. AM training and practice are in different ways globally and it has also been used for arts-based inquiry, so we are pleased to present sessions on these elements. More

This summit aims to explore three key aspects of contemporary practice of LBMS: The contemporary landscape of processes and applications of LBMS; Irmgard Bartenieff's work and legacy, and the ‘silent’ bodies of knowledge and overlooked contributors. ‘Science and Spirituality’ and the experiential somatic aspects of movement and its embodiment. More

The Summit centers on the way in which the creative spirit can be liberated and taught through classes and trainings within educational, social and health care venues. Not a therapy, per se, its results can be therapeutic. Welcomed to this stream are Creative Movement practices in the world. More

About WAEF2023

WAEF is a global event platform to support the development of the creative arts and somatics in a wide range of fields within education and therapy, including healthcare and wellness, performing arts, community arts and other allied professions. With multiple layers of challenges each of us and the whole world is facing, we are eagerly searching for stabilization and breakthrough paradoxically in our life and profession. WAEF 2023 strives to support our global community and will focus on the use of the embodied arts in imagining and re-creating new possibilities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. They provide innovative pathways towards building resilience and healing, and for integrating cultural and spiritual practices that include and invoke multiple histories, ways of understanding and perceiving as well as other indigenous knowledge systems to theorize and imagine anew. Participants will be offered the opportunity to reflect upon their own artistic and embodied practices, learn from others in the field and gather virtually online and in person regionally to dream, create and utilize their art-forms in responding to psychosocial challenges in a globalized environment through the use of artistic expressions as embodied practices.

Dr. Tony Yu Zhou, CEO & Co-Founder, Inspirees Education Group