WAEF2023 Participant Instruction

(This page contains the information for the Participants of the Forum)

  • There are 4 summits and 1 Pre-Conference.  To find the detailed schedule and registration information of summit please click here. For the general overview of the whole Forum, please click here.
  • The current program is subject to small change and will be finalized on Jan 31, 2023. Please contact our team if you have any questions.
  • Format/Venue: All the sessions will be taking place online with options of in-person participations for some summits/sessions. Please check the program of each summit.
  • Language and Translation: Most sessions will be presented in English (a few in Chinese). There will be no live oral translation for Presentation sessions. The Zoom caption translation will be available during these sessions. We strongly advise you to get familiar with this Zoom functionality before your join the live sessions. 
  • Refer to the Resources below to ensure successful Zoom participation.
  • Registration and Costs: there are different price layers for the participants who need to register four summits separately. You can get special price as early bird, group, student or IACAET registered member (50% discount).
  • Recordings: all sessions of the Forum will be recorded. The recordings will be kept and accessed by the registered participants within 45 days after the summits. 



February 25 & March 3/4, 2023

Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy Summit

March 9/10-12, 2023

Creative Movement Summit

March 23/24-26, 2023

Laban/Bartenieff Movement System

April 10/11-13, 2023

Authentic Movement Summit

April 20/21-23, 2023