WAEF2023 Program

WAEF 2023 consists of four Summits: Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy (DT/MT), Creative Movement (CM), Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) and Authentic Movement (AM) which are ineluctably entwined disciplines addressing the fundamental law of human movement, its application and evolution to mystical and spiritual practice.

Each Summit will take place online for 3 days during March and April with option of in-person format. There are two days of Pre-Conference starting in Feburary. Some of the key themes and areas of WAEF 2023 include clinical applications, indigenous healing traditions, education, ecology, performance, social justice, wellbeing, spirituality, art practice and the neurosciencesetc. We will have over 100 presenters in the Forum with Presentations, Workshops, Performances and Panel discussions (Key Conversations) which will form the platform for the summit events.

Check the detailed program of each summit below plus the Pre-Conference.  For the overview of WAEF2023 schedule, click here.

Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy

March 9/10-12, 2023


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Creative Movement

March 23/24-26, 2023

Online + China (in-person)

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Laban Bartenieff Movement System

April 10/11-13, 2023

Online + London (in-person)

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Authentic Movement

April 20/21-23, 2023


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