Here is a collection of videos from WAEF2023 organizers, colleagues and our partners.  Please send us your videos if you like to contribute and share.

WAEF Intro & Welcome

Dr. Tony Yu Zhou

CEO, Inspirees Education Group

Curator, DT/MT Summit

Joan Wittig

Professor, Pratt Institute

Curator, DT/MT Summit

Dr. Juliet Chambers-Coe

Lecturer, Essex University 

Curator, LBMS Summit


Promotion video

Marcia Plevin

Co-Founder, Creative Movement Association

Curator, CM Summit

Dr. Hilda Wengrower

School for Society and Arts, Israel

Moderator, AM Summit

Dr. Tina Stromsted

Jungian Analyst, BC-DMT

Curator, AM Summit

Paula Sager

Falcuty, Circles of Four

Curator, AM Summit

Regina Miranda Ribeiro 

Director, LABAN Rio

Event Partner

Organizers & Partners

         Inspirees Institute Intro                                                                                  Dance for Parkinson's Program                                                              Emerging Cross-cultural Conciousness

      (Inspirees Education Group)                                                                              (Mark Morris Dance Group)                                                                               (Inspirees Education Group)  


Dance Therapy in China

(Moon Hu)

Creative Movement & Somatics Open Lecture

(Open University of China)